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We hope that the professional CV examples we have supplied, and the information about different aspects of the CV writing process located on these website pages are sufficient to enable you to land the interview which stands between you and your aspirations.

If you are successful in this venture, please don’t hesitate to recommend the value of our site to others, so that they may also profit from your good fortune.

By the same token, however, you may not yet be prepared to trust that you have reached the required level of professionalism in your CV writing skills. In that case, we would advise that you visit our Online Shop and choose from the various products and services on offer to those genuinely motivated to seek a career change.

At the risk of big-noting ourselves, it must be said that we are very confident that our professional CV writing services are as good as any you will find online, or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, better. You can browse the entire range of products at the Online Shop, but, for the moment, here’s one to whet your appetite:

The Big Kahuna CV Service

The Big Kahuna CV Service is our highly specialised and expert Curriculum Vitae Writing Service, developed specifically for those applying for high level, professional positions, whether locally or internationally.

This service entails an in-depth consultation with our CV Writer, followed by a stringent and professional writing process that will result in a high calibre CV document, customised to your desired position or application.

We offer this service to any candidate applying for: 

  • Medical positions
  • Scientific positions
  • Academic and High Level Education Positions 
  • Government positions – policy, economic, military, intelligence  
  • Research Grants and Fellowships 
  • PhDs, MBAs and Other Doctorates 
  • Professional Executives in any vastly specialised and specific field   

High Impact CV Formatting Service 

Once your Big Kahuna CV document is complete, we also offer our Optional High Impact CV Formatting service to all candidates who require that extra special, professional touch to make their CV stand out from the crowd. High Impact Formatting will creatively showcase your experience, capabilities and potential, in a visually high impact manner. Utilising impressive strong visual communication, including your photograph(s), we present your background with ingenuity and flair that highlights your creative capabilities.

Just visit our Online Shop today to purchase your Curriculum Vitae service or contact us to speak to one of our CV Consultants.

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